We believe that all students at the University of Delaware can and should participate in UDance and make a change in the lives of kids with cancer! We offer various levels of involvement, with differing commitments, to ensure that the students in our community can find something that works for them.

Executive Board

The UDance Executive Board is the highest level of commitment for students involved in UDance. These students dedicate themselves to leading fundraising initiatives, planning and operating events, overseeing donation and financial procedures, spreading the UDance mission across campus, and more. Applications for the UDance 2021 Executive Board are released via Facebook in the weeks following UDance 2020 on March 22, 2020.

The UDance 2020 Executive Board is comprised of 47 UD students and divided into 14 different teams, each of which focuses on a specific area on our fight against childhood cancer. These teams include Athletics, Canning, Community Outreach, Digital Communications, Entertainment, Event Operations, Family Relations, Finance, Greek Life, Productivity & Wellness, Program, Residence Life, RSO & Student Groups, and Student Coordination. Meet our UDance 2020 Executive Board here.


UDance committees work closely with the UDance Executive Board and help execute events, engage with the local community, and carry out fundraising initiatives. The UDance 2020 committees include the Community Outreach Committee, Event Operations Committee, and Photography Committee. Applications for the UDance 2021 committees will be released via Facebook in Fall 2020.


Reps work closely with the Athletics, Greek Life, and RSO & Student Groups Teams on the UDance Executive Board. These representatives are responsible for encouraging fundraising in their respective groups and using their platform in their community to spread UDance’s mission. Applications for Rep positions are conducted internally in each organization. If interested, reach out to your chapter, organization, or team leadership!


Engagement Coordinators are students who live in residence halls and work closely with the Residence Life Team on the UDance Executive Board. Engagement Coordinators represent UDance in their residence halls and work to spread UDance’s mission to those not already involved. They lead events and work collaboratively to reach new audiences and take UDance to new heights. Applications for the UDance 2021 Engagement Coordinator Program will be released via Facebook in Fall 2020.


Brand Ambassadors work with the Digital Communications Team on the UDance Executive Board and have the goal of spreading the UDance mission all over the world. The Brand Ambassadors use social media to advertise UDance events, promote online fundraising, and raise awareness for the cause. Applications for the UDance 2021 Brand Ambassador Program will be released via Facebook in Fall 2020.


Dedicated Volunteers work with the Student Coordination Team on the UDance Executive Board and receive community service hours by helping UDance execute events and operations. This group meets to craft, create, and fundraise for UDance. Sign-ups for the UDance 2021 Dedicated Volunteers Program will be released via Facebook in Fall 2020. All are welcome!